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My Services

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My copywriting services are quite broad. I’m experienced in writing for B2B & B2C audiences and producing for digital & print formats. I can brainstorm with you and write everything from slogans and social media posts, to blogposts and articles, to copy for product apps and events, and much more…I can also produce as a ghostwriter and translate copy from Dutch to English. See portfolio.

Content Creation
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I like to think of content creation as being more in-depth than copywriting, and the content is not necessarily intended for external audiences. My content editing and creation services cover: proposal writing, diverse reporting, employee and other internal communications, in-depth (research) articles, strategic business/organizational documents, and more See portfolio.

Melissa Ruggles giving a writing workshop at Philips in Amsterdam

A lot of work has to happen before any content is ready to be shared with internal or external parties. Strategizing, team meetings, communications with stakeholders, project coordination, proposal writing from strategy to execution, website development and more. As an experienced project manager trained in scrum and handy with various content management systems (CMSs), I can also step in at this level. See portfolio.

“Why waste a sentence saying nothing?” 

– Seth Godin

About Me

Hello, I’m Melissa. A seasoned content specialist, writer and consultant. Words matter and I can help you use them better, so you can connect meaningfully with your audiences and achieve your company or organization’s goals. Read more…


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