Woman in red and black shirt standing on a bridge. Photo by Amsterdam photographer Tom van der Leij of Melissa Ruggles

Hello, I’m Melissa. A seasoned copywriter, content specialist, and consultant. Words matter and I can help you use them better, so you can connect meaningfully with your audiences and achieve your company or organization’s goals.

Every new client and assignment presents a new topic to delve into, or a new person to speak to and learn from, or an innovative product to tell people about because it can change their lives…this is why I do it. I also love the creativity in the creation process.

All of my work has one common element: craftily using words to connect with an audience. That audience may be government officials having to decide whether to fund a humanitarian project in Afghanistan, consumers in the US or UK who need to use an app for a product they recently purchased, or employees who need to be informed about some important changes in the company. And the list goes on!

In 2008, I started an editing business on the side and, in 2011, I went full-time with copywriting, content creation and consultancy. Most of my clients are either international NGOs or companies and my products are for B2B, B2G, B2C and B2E. Ads, product descriptions, blogposts, proposals, reports, websites, in-depth articles, press releases, and more – you name it, I can write it.

Want to know more? Reach out to me by email:

mr [@] melissaruggles [.com] or check me out on LinkedIn!